Association of Utah Substance Abuse Professionals



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The Association of Utah Substance Abuse Professionals (AUSAP) is a professional organization set to support all professionals that work with individuals suffering from Substance Abuse Disorders. AUSAP is also the state affiliate for NAADAC the Association for Addiction Professionals.

Though ALL currently credentialed substance abuse counselors will be grandfathered in with their present level of service, check out the EDUCATION, TRAINING AND WORK EXPERIENCE Grid to see where we’re going: 
Utah Professional Development Grid


Join AUSAP - The Association of Utah Substance Abuse Professionals and you also become a member of NAADAC The National Association of Addiction Professionals.

Together we provide the opportunity to lead, unify and empower addiction professionals to achieve and demonstrate higher standards of practice, ethics and professional development. 

The organization is currently focusing our efforts on:

  • Professional Credentialing and Certifying through NAADAC and IC&RC
  • Our PREVENTION Credential we offer with IC&RC
  • State Examination for licensure click here

Students and any professionals should review the features and benefits of the test options offered via IC&RC and NCC AP.