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2019 IC&RC Licensure Testing

The IC&RC testing, is "on demand" and provides immediate pass/fail results. We will email you the pass/fail letter upon receipt. This is an official letter you are able to submit to DOPL. If you have any issues, please contact us promptly. Click here for the registration form.

You can 
email or mail  the registration to: and pay via PayPal (below)
You can 
mail the registration and payment to: AUSAP - P.O. Box 901418 - Sandy, UT 84090

Keep in mind a few 

You will be contacted by ISO Quality Testing at which time you will confirm your registration and select your test date and time

Once you confirm your registration with ISO you will have 1 year to take this test. You will lose your test fee if you do not register within that years time.

To cancel your test or reschedule contact us promptly.

In order to retake the exam, you will need to fill out a new registration and create a new payment; we will then complete a new registration on your behalf. 

Locations for IC&RC Testing in Utah (these are subject to change):

2301 W. Ashton Blvd.,
1165 W. 800 S.,
451 E. 400 N.,
Career / Financial Aid Bldg., 1st Floor,
St. George

$185 for AUSAP / NAADAC  members for the ADC and AADC

  • ​The cost for CS is $200 for members

$200 for non-members for the ADC and AADC

  • ​​The cost for the CS is $250 for non-members

Study Guides are optional. The Ready to Test Guide is available in the up-to-date version. The Supplemental Guide is for use with the AADC exam along with the Ready to Test guide. (if you are loaned a version from someone; you cannot guarantee that the information has not changed and could affect your test results). If you are interested in ordering a Study Guide(s), for any of the above tests, contact us by email with your interest. There are changes to the testing guide as follows: There is a new chapter on DSM-5, and the supplemental guide covers MAT and Trauma - both new additions to the exam. Typically students will want/need both for the advanced test.  The M404 covers a significant portion of the test - it's the style of questions that changes from basic to advanced.  Where the basic covers the what and how types of questions, the advanced exam has those and many "why" questions.  The supplement guide covers this difference, and also introduces the two topics from above that are not on the basic exam.  

Contact  AUSAP, Rhonda Odom 801-541-0030 via call or text with any questions. Email is checked throughout the day:

Practice Test: This test is designed to prepare you to take an IC&RC exam (what to expect). You are able to receive the questions and answers, along with the correct answers if necessary after taking the Practice Test.   

  • The fee is $49 - please pay via the PayPal option below (this is in addition to the test fees). You must be successfully registered for the exam in order to take the Practice Test and AUSAP will register that as well once requested. 

Upon Passing the exam you will need to contact 
DOPL to continue your Licensure Process

Special Accommodations: Individuals with disabilities and/or religious obligations that require modifications in test administration may request specific procedure changes, in writing, along with your registration to test to AUSAP. With the written request, the candidate must provide official documentation of the accommodation requested. Submitted documentation must follow ADA guidelines in that psychological or psychiatric evaluations must have been conducted within the last three years. All medical/physical conditions require documentation of the treating physician’s examination conducted within the previous three months. Candidates should contact AUSAP  to inquire about other necessary documentation. 

AUSAP  will offer appropriate modifications to its procedures when documentation supports the need. All requests for special accommodations must be submitted to AUSAP  prior to scheduling your examination. You will receive further information on scheduling your examination with accommodations once your board has reviewed and approved the accommodation request.  Documentation could take upwards of 45 days to verify and for IC&RC to work out with you. 

** Do not send your payment to any other resource as this will delay your registration **
**No Refunds – No transfer of fees to testing centers or testing period **