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2019 NCC AP (NAADAC) Testing

The NCC AP testing, is  "on demand" and provides immediate pass/fail results.

The schedules for each testing center can vary. 

We ask that you make 2 choices on your registration.

  • You can email or mail the registration to: and pay via PayPal (below)
  • You can mail the registration and payment to: AUSAP - P.O. Box 901418 - Sandy, UT 84090

Keep in mind a few basics:

  • Monday - Friday
  • The testing sites begin testing at 9am and you can start your test every quarter hour thereafter 
    • ​However, each one is different and each season brings a new set of times available. 
    • ​They will allow you 3 hours to test; therefore, most do not allow you to begin after 1pm 
    • ​​Best advice: choose from 9am - 12pm (due to the specific schedule of each location, these can vary and we have no way to predict how they might dictate the timing)

Once we register you for your exam, you will be asked NOT to change your password until you have passed the exam.

In order to retake the exam, you will need to fill out a new registration and create a new payment; then we will need to access the site and register you for a new test. 

  • ​You cannot register yourself directly through NCC AP - your test results will be delayed to DOPL if you do not come through AUSAP (we are your NAADAC State Affiliate) - you will incur a $50 administrative fee for defaulting to registering yourself

Locations for NCC AP (NAADAC) Testing in Utah (these are subject to change):

Bridgerland Applied Technology College: 1301 North 600 West,
Utah State University: 700 North 850 East, 

Weber State University: 1112 University Circle, Ogden
Snow College Richfield: 800 West 200 South,
Dixie State University: 225 South 700 East,
St. George
Expand Learning Solutions: 1455 West 2200 South, Suite 103,
West Valley City

Submit your registration for testing along with payment. AUSAP will complete your registration process and payment and you will be notified directly by NCC AP (NAADAC).

  • $185 for NAADAC / AUSAP  members for the Level I and Level II
    • ​The cost for MAC is $200 for members
  • $200 for non-members for the Level I and Level II
    • ​​The cost for the MAC is $250 for non-members

Study Guides are optional. The Ready to Test Guide is available in the up-to-date version. The Supplemental Guide is for use with the Level II exam along with the Ready to Test guide. (if you are loaned a version from someone; you cannot guarantee that the information has not changed and could affect your test results). If you are interested in ordering a Study Guides, for any of the above tests, contact us by email with your interest. There are changes to the testing guide as follows: There is a new chapter on DSM-5, and the supplemental guide covers MAT and Trauma - both new additions to the examTypically students will want/need both for the advanced test.  The M404 covers a significant portion of the test - it's the style of questions that changes from basic to advanced.  Where the basic covers the what and how types of questions, the advanced exam has those and many "why" questions.  The supplement guide covers this difference, and also introduces the two topics from above that are not on the basic exam.  

Contact  AUSAP, Rhonda Odom 801-541-0030 via call or text with any questions. Email is checked throughout the day:

Practice Test: This test is designed to prepare you to take an NCC AP exam (what to expect).  

  • The fee of $35 is paid direct to NAADAC after successful registration with AUSAP.

Your test scores will be directed to DOPL - pass/fail - upon Passing the exam you will need to contact DOPLto continue your Licensure Process

Special Accommodations: You must allow for 35 days in advance to provide the accommodations. Please ensure you mark the S.A. space on the registration form and attach this form  along with the necessary paperwork it requires in order to fulfill the accommodations you need.

** Do not send your payment to any other resource as this will delay your registration **
**No Refunds – No transfer of fees to testing centers or testing period **

NCC AP Member Testing
NCC AP testing (non-member)


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