Association of Utah Substance Abuse Professionals


  • Licensure is required in Utah to work as a Substance Abuse Professionals

  • Credentialing is separate from Licensure and is not required in Utah 

  • Choosing your Licensure test is a vital decision for future Credentialing. If you test with NCC AP you must Credential with NCC AP; If you test with IC&RC you must Credential with IC&RC

  • Test required for Licensure as SUDC or CSUDC: ADC, AADC, Level I, Level II, MAC

  • Test required for Licensure as ASUDC and CASUDC: AADC, Level II, MAC

  • Both NAADAC (NCC AP) and IC&RC are "Ready to Test" - so you test when you are ready - results for both are immediate


  • To schedule for either NCC AP and IC&RC enroll with AUSAP (email for more details or simply click on Licensing Exams for your testing application and PayPal to pay (Cost for Members of NAADAC for either test is $185 and for non-members of NAADAC is $200)